Accepting Invitations

  • Crisis Pregnancy Center Fundraisers
  • Special Church Services
  • Right To Life Banquets
  • Abstinence Programs
  • Mens Events
  • Christian or Catholic School Assemblies

Helpful Links

Mark’s Story

4 Abortions in 20 months, 1 Vasectomy, 1 Adoption, 2 Reversals, 1 Miscarriage & 2 Beautiful Babies

The snow was gently falling as I watched my 18 year old daughter step off the school bus. For the past month Ricque knew that something was up in our home. She saw her Mom and Dad arguing more and having serious discussions, and Pastor Jim had been over a few times to talk and pray. As she walked through the front door I shouted “So, are you ready to hear your Dad’s story?” Ricque responded with an enthusiastic “Yes”. Several minutes later she appeared in the living room with two hot chocolates sprinkled with marshmallows and sat down across from me. For the next hour I looked Ricque in the eyes and shared with her the secret that I had dragged through three different decades.

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