Pregnancy Care Centers

"Mark, your pitch for pledges proved to be a good pitch, we increased our pledges more than 50% and it's the most amount ever raised for the Eden Clinic. I have heard a lot of great things from people who were there... comments like "I've been attending pregnancy center banquets for up to 10 years and this one is the best one I've ever attended" That was someone who served on the board of a PCC in another state. One of my board members said it was our best banquet EVER! Other men that attended said they liked hearing the affects of abortion on men - finally! So, again I want to thank you for all you do Mark... I know you are doing this to serve and honor the Lord and I pray he will continue to bless you as you move forward."

Linda Cozadd - Executive Director
The Eden Clinic - Norman, Oklahoma

“Mark is a dynamic and very focused speaker who shares from the heart on a subject rarely considered "Abortion & Men". He totally captivates his audience and leaves you thinking and challenged long after his message is finished. His ability to champion the work of a pregnancy center is an awesome gift for all those involved in this type of ministry.”

Brenda Bauer - Executive Director - Care Net of Berks County
Kutztown, PA

"We have had many brave women share their personal stories of the heartbreak from an abortion choice at our fundraising dinners over several years. We eventually were asked "What about the men?" Mark steps forward and answers this question with candor, humility, and yes…a God given sense of humor. His story of brokenness and his testimony to the hope and healing through new life in Christ is one that you will not soon forget."

Teri Augustine - Director of Marketing/Events
Laurel Pregnancy Center - Laurel Maryland

“Mark brought a message of forgiveness and healing to our fundraiser that unfortunately is not addressed nearly enough in most Pregnancy Resource Centers. His eloquent and heart-felt message is one that I highly recommend to other pregnancy centers and anyone in need of a pro-life speaker. It was so enlightening to hear from Mark and how his post-abortive experience impacted him as a male. Since the event, I have had many post-abortive women tell me how important it was to hear a man express the grief, guilt and depression he experienced because of abortion in his life. They had no idea that men involved in abortion had much of the same post-abortive issues and experiences that they had. I strongly encourage you to consider Mark for any future events you may be considering.  His very positive message of how he found forgiveness and healing is extremely important for the pro-life community to hear. All men need to hear it! Thank you and God bless you Mark for making our event memorable and successful!”

Ron Schneider - Executive Director - The Pregnancy Centers of Central Virginia
Charlottesville, Virginia

"We haven’t heard much from the fathers who are post abortive—yet we know that abortion affects them, too. Mark Morrow gives a heart-stirring and humble account of abortions in his past and after he spoke at our banquet, men inquired about volunteering in our men’s programs and a post abortive father called to find out when we were beginning Forgiven and Set Free for men. Mark is eloquently introducing a new theme for banquets and one long overdue."

Susan Perez - Executive Director, Care Net Pregnancy Resources
Hackettstown, NJ

"Mark is a willing servant who truly wants to meet the needs of the local Center and share a message that too often is unspoken.  He displays a compassionate heart and a spirit of grace as he testifies about God's redemption in his own life. As Mark obediently goes, God will use his story to bring others to their own healing." 

Carrie Adolph - Executive Director - Pregnancy Care Center Highland, Illinois

Dear Mark, I want to tell you how excited we are to see you help us train the frontlines of the pregnancy help ministry at heartbeat International’s 40th Anniversary Conference. Your workshop, “What About Men? Helping Post Abortive Fathers Find Healing” will help keep our affiliated pregnancy centers current so that they can take their center from good to great. We are so grateful you are investing the time to help us help our affiliates."

Andrea Trudden – Event Coordinator
Heartbeat International – Columbus, Ohio


“Mark is a bold, riveting, and hopeful new voice in the ongoing debate about abortion in America. He is uniquely qualified to speak about the male perspective on how tampering with preborn life can undermine your own. But he also has a front row seat to the grace of God, and his story needs to be heard—by men and women alike.”

Rev. Timothy R. Valentino - Senior Pastor- Fleetwood Bible Church
Fleetwood, PA

“Abortion is the “forgotten” epidemic facing our nation today. Mark brings radiant light to a facet of this tragedy that is often unknown – the reality that abortion affects men too. His story is the story shared by millions of men, and resonates in the hearts of all who hear it. If you want to galvanize the men in your community for the struggle against the tragedy of abortion, invite Mark to speak in your church or Pregnancy Center function. You will be glad you did!”

Derek McFarland - Executive Pastor - Mountain View Community Church
Culpeper, Virginia

“A new voice is being heard in the abortion debate-and it's about time.”

Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr.
President – Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Louisville, Kentucky

“I was very blessed as I listened to your message and I'm confident that Jesus wants you to keep giving it. You were very vulnerable and honest and you had the people's attention; one man told me that he's never heard our congregation be so quiet! I am honored that you spoke here and that you are my brother in Christ and partner in ministry.”

Dr. Ed Huntley - Pastor - The Federated Church
East Springfield, Pa

“Mark, thank you for being a part of our Missionary Conference. It was a blessing for us. Your presentation on the effects of Post Abortion Syndrome on men was very informative. Most of us never think of what effect if any that abortion has upon the men involved. Thanks for making us aware.”

Jim Eaton Pastor – Trinity United Methodist Church
Erie, Pennsylvania

Pro Life

Mark Bradley Morrow is one of the most accommodating speakers that we have worked with. His message of hope and forgiveness resounded with the audience. Some of the comments that we received are: "Very moving - I was deeply touched", "I personally benefitted from hearing this message" and "Mr. Morrow was one of the best speakers RTL has had." $5,000 more was raised in the appeal that evening. It was a very successful event and we will be reaping the benefits for many months to come.

Leeta Theiss – Director – Saginaw County Right To Life
Saginaw, Michigan

Mark, Thank YOU for traveling to Kansas City and being our guest at our Benefit Night. I enjoyed your comedy and admire you very much for sharing your story and past life. You have a testimony that needs to be heard by many. Your story of forgiveness is one that needs to be told. I am sure that God will continue to use you as a healing agent for many.

Robert E. Zornes – Executive Director – Mother’s Refuge
Independence, Missouri

“Mark has the unique ability and experience to speak on the issue of men and abortion like none other. It will be a presentation you'll not soon forget!”

Brad Mattes – Executive Director – Life Issues Institute
Cincinnati, Ohio

“Mark was the final speaker at the 2006 Pro-Life Music Festival where we had approximately 6,000 people in attendance. His powerful story has significant potential to impact others as they consider where they stand on the issue. Please give Mark Morrow serious consideration when you are in need of a speaker to help make a difference for life.”

Mart Clupper – PLMF - Founder & Event Organizer
Warsaw, Indiana

“I heard Mark speak at the Men and Abortion conference in San Francisco and I was blown away. He took me from laughing hysterically to crying my eyes out, then back to seeing God's grace in action. Mark truly has a gift from God to speak about the tough subjects. I was extremely blessed!”

Sheila Harper - Founder & President - SaveOne
Nashville, Tennessee

“I am so excited to have someone like Mark Morrow sharing his experiences with abortion. It is important for the world to hear how abortion has affected the lives of so many men. Mark is genuine and sincere and has a natural gift for engaging his audience. When he speaks, people listen. I support Mark as he reaches out, and by sharing his own story, helps others know they are not alone and brings them to healing.

Jason Baier - Founder & President
Fatherhood Forever Foundation Inc.
Phoenix, Arizona


”Our students were on the edges of their seats when Mark shared his testimony. His story was very real, and he was able to relate to our students in a way most Pro-Life speakers have not. I would highly recommend any school to invite Mark Bradley Morrow to speak at their assembly. His message is inspiring and one that your students will never forget."

John Hoving - Principal, Nouvel Catholic Central
Saginaw, Michigan


“Mark, Thank you for sharing your pro-life story and ministry in our TCT Studio. People here in Michigan and around the nation will be blessed by your message and Jesus will be glorified. I am sure God has great plans for you.”

Chris Stork – General Manager - Total Christian Television
Saginaw, Michigan

"Mark, thank you so much for your contribution to The Advocate on WDTK, News Talk Radio. Your interview on 2/2/08 was a learning experience for us as well as, I'm sure, for our listening audience. Please know how appreciated all your efforts are. Perhaps you will make a return appearance – by popular demand no doubt.”

Bernard Dobranski – President & Dean
Eugene R. Milhizer – Associate Dean
Reverend Michael P. Orsi – Chaplain & Research Fellow
Ave Maria School of Law - Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Mark, We at Virginia Living Television are so pleased that you were able to come to Culpepper and share your heart for those affected by unplanned pregnancy. I am confidante that the Lord is going to bless you, your family and your ministry for your humble obedience and transparency. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt story with such transparency and realness. Your story will help draw out those who are hurting and have not dealt with their losses."

Jeanne Nixon – Host, Virginia Living Television
Culpepper, Virginia

"Mark is one of the most versatile speakers I know, seemingly as comfortable on stage before thousands as he is to talking to small groups or chatting with friends. God has blessed him with an amazing voice, great sense of humor and quick wit. If you need someone to speak at your next event, Mark is the obvious choice. Make a Bold Move and call him today!"

Ronald K. Raymond - General Manager - 106.3 WCTL
Waterford, Pennsylvania


Miss America 125x125.png

“Mark Morrow's story is a picture of God's gift of grace and redemption played out in our world. Mark is funny and light-hearted while being transparent about the hurt that comes with abortion. His story is inspiring and uplifting and will leave you with a special reminder of God's grace and mercy in your life.”

Lauren Nelson - Miss America 2007

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"Check out Mark Morrow on a Pleasant Valley Sunday or any day of the week... He's hip & fab"

Davy Jones - The Monkees

Gary Puckett 125.png

How about that Mark Bradley Morrow guy huh, he's a pretty funny guy. I'll have to steal some of his material from him... Hey anywhere I can get it"

Gary Puckett - The Union Gap

Victorian Jackson 125.png

"Mark, God bless your new career of stand up, we have the same heart about comedy and Christianity. Keep doing your impersonations they're great. It's hard to believe that we've performed (6) comedy shows together…Keep making others laugh, God knows this world needs it"

Victoria Jackson - Saturday Night Live

"Mark, Thanks for all your help... Your brother in Christ"

Tommy James - The Shondells