“Do You Want to Know a Secret?” is not only a well-known Beatles song, it’s also the foundation of my Anti-Abortion / Pro-Life Platform. In this 1964 classic, George Harrison sings “Do you want to know a secret…Do you promise not to tell?” My message and platform present the exact opposite; “Do you want to know a secret…Do you promise TO tell?”.

For 18 years I kept the shameful secret of being responsible for 4 aborted children in twenty months. Yes, you heard me right, and Yes, I want you to share my past secret with those in your Christian / pro-life / pregnancy resource / church circles.

It was February 2006, in the midst of a serious emotional meltdown, that I was finally able to release my secret and begin my personal journey of Post Abortion Grief healing. Since that time, God has orchestrated me traveling the country doing keynote speaking at pregnancy resource center fundraisers, pro-life events, churches and Christian schools. 

The purpose of my platform, speaking, new book and blog is to share the TRUTH that abortion not only kills innocent babies, but also causes serious emotional distress to women AND men. Being a licensed counselor who has worked with many post abortive women and men as well as being a post abortive father myself, I can personally and professionally attest to the FACT that Post Abortion Grief is a very real phenomenon.

Abortion’s affect on tens of millions of men has rarely been a subject that people want to acknowledge or address. And keeping shameful secrets is never a positive thing to do, whether it’s about abortion or something else. Is there a Secret You NEED to tell? 


Mark Bradley Morrow M.A., NCC, LPC

Author of “The Greatest Pretender”